Why I like/love Jesus

I’ve been reflecting, and it’s good. Not like when I hold my I-Phone in the sun and get it to reflect the light into Benny’s eyes, although that is fun, but reflecting on what I believe and why I believe it.

My reflection was on the question, “Why do I love Jesus”? Other than the fact that He saved me from HELL FOR ETERNITY, which is sort of a huge deal, what do I like about Him?

1. He was who He was. He changed for nobody. He came with a belief that could not be shaken, a faith that surpassed human knowledge, a love that extended to the world, and loved those that hated Him. Man, I wish I could be like that. I’m trying to love a guy that treats his son like crap, and it’s hard. While I wish that God would smite him, God continues to love him and bless him. God’s like that.

2. He didn’t shove His offer of salvation down people’s throats. He said, ‘those who have ears to hear’ would listen to Him. I find it like Christ brought this huge buffet for everyone to enjoy. Some passed by without eating, some looked but didn’t taste, some tasted and walked away, and some pulled a chair up to the buffet and devoured it! Then Jesus would move on, then present it to others. Basically He said, “I’m offering eternal life. I’m not going to beg you to take it. Oh, yeah, by the way, I already paid for it.”

3. He left no middle ground on who He was. He was either God or He was a nut! How can someone say that He was a great teacher but not God, when He taught and said He was God? If my teacher gives me all these gems and says, “Did I mention that I’m God also?”, chances are real good that either:

a. He is really God. Or

b. He is crazier than a loon, and how can I believe anything He says? That would be like me preaching a sermon and saying, “Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I am Napoleon Bonapart. How do I get to Waterloo?”

4. He loved the poor. You might be reading this and thinking, ‘well, I’m poor’. Do you have a computer? Less than 3% of the world has a computer. You’re rich. Jesus said how hard it is for the rich to enter heaven. Beware, my rich friend, that you enter the narrow gate and not the wide path.

Jesus always looked out for the poor. He taught about giving “all your possessions to the poor and follw me”.  I love how Jesus became poor to make us rich in Him.

5. Jesus, everytime His crowd of followers got larger and larger, would hit them with a teaching about giving up their flesh lives and follow Him in the Spirit. Give up your homes, your rights, your attittudes, your sexual activities, your addictions, your “holier than thou” thoughts and follow Me. He wasn’t into large crowds of followers. He was into faithful crowds of followers.

That’s just some of the reasons I love Jesus. Oh, and He died for me. (Drop the mike and walk off stage)


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