Have you ever said things when you were younger like, “When I have kids, I’ll never tell them that”? Then you have kids, and you HEAR what you just said, and then say out loud, “Oh my gosh, I have become my father (mother)”!

Yeah, we all have. So as I enter a new chapter in my life, it’s kind of weird that I’m going vegetarian. Yeah, worked all those years at Burger King, and here I am a vegetarian. Bonnie asked, “Are you doing this for health reasons or are you going through a mid-life crisis?”. I immediately said, “No, silly, for health”, then dusted off my Crosby, Stills, and Nash music, found a protest song from The Hello People, and tried to figure out how a 56 year old bald man could still look cool with a ponytail……and still preach.

Nah, it’s health. I’ve reached desperate times, and desperate times call for desperate measures. I saw a movie called “Forks over Knives”. It was recommended by my two doctors and my CFO at Belmont, Sylvia. Ok, I got the hint.

Now the movie is about Vegan eating. That means not just disassociating from meat, but also anything that comes out of an animal (milk, cheese, eggs, anything Nancy Pelosi says). You get the idea. 

I don’t know if I can do that (other than Pelosi), so after checking with Bonnie, we decided that vegetarian would be best for me. See the movie, because it’s too much to go into. So after three days, I’m vegetarian.

I consult other vegetarians, who give great pointers. Some simplify it too much, like “Don’t eat meat”.Oh, thank you sir. Truly wisdom will die with you.

So, now the question is recipes. Bonnie has been phenomenal, checking out cookbooks, going on line, watching Veggie Tales, just above and beyond. 

I haven’t lost much weight, but have noticed a difference in my body. I have more gas than an OPEC nation. I go to the bathroom like a racehorse. But the main thing is that I’m not hungry as much. Veggies and fruit sort of fill me up. Also, I eat whole grain bread. Now that is really filling. So, change is good.

A guy who is about 25 years younger than me was into healthy eating. He said it was too late for me. Not so. It’s never too late.  

So why now? Well, the light clicked on. My friend at work has had a couple toes amputated because of diabetes. The foot is not healing and open to infections. I don’t want to lose body parts. Weight, yes, but not body parts. 

God gives us warnings and sometimes we ignore them, or at least don’t address them right away. I’m addressing my warning now. I’m not putting it off. From now on, when I’m “veggin'” at home, it’s a good thing.


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