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Flying, Airports, and Adam-12
May 22, 2012

Well, here it is. Heading to California again to visit Luke and Amanda. Bonnie, Ben, and I. I love California. I love LA, Moorpark, Simi, etc.

I love airports. I love the planes, the look, the signs, running through Houston airport because my flight was late, arriving at Gate 2 and my connecting flight in 10 minutes is at Gate 52. Yes, I really like airports.

Everytime I’m at the airport, Jimmy Buffett’s “Changing in Latitudes, Changing in Attitudes” comes to mind. “Reading departure signs in some big airport, reminds me of the places I’ve been”.  Brings back many good memories (and a couple bad ones).

I was flying into Pittsburgh from Orlando, and the pilot says, “We will be weathering some disturbance”. The plane dropped 2000 feet (ok, maybe NOT that much, but enough to make me wish I’d written a will) immediately. The lady next to me had wine, it hit the ceiling and spilled on us. Two rows back someone was puking. I don’t believe the pilot “weathered” it very well. So that’s the bad experience. But I still love to fly.


I like the display of “confiscated weapons” that Cleveland airport has. Makes you feel safe that they confiscated a BUTCHER KNIFE and HAND GRENADE before they boarded. That was, of course, all before 9/11.


Now when I travel, I love to see the security let the man in the turban pass without notice, while they frisk an old lady like it’s their first date. Ah, political correctness, but that’s for another post.


One of the greatest views I had was flying into Newark, NJ and the sun was just beginning to set. We flew out over the ocean to circle in and I looked out and there was the Statue of Liberty. It was humbling and I  wondered how my grandfathers felt when they came over from Italy and they saw that beautiful lady. They came through on Ellis Island and became US citizens and got jobs to support my parents. They didn’t sneak over a border and get welfare, but again, political correctness is for another post.


I remember flying into LA at night, with all the lights. Gorgeous. Flying above the clouds from Ft. Lauderdale to Pittsburgh and going through the clouds to snow and overcast. Taking off over Detroit and getting a Goodyear Blimp view of the Tigers and Lions stadiums. The Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Home.


Flying over Pike’s Peak and thinking how small it looked. Seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Saying, “wow, those people look like ants” and Ben saying, “Dad, they are ants, we haven’t taken off yet”.


Being on the plane and Bonnie telling me to turn down my I-Phone music because it was bothering the other passengers. This was with my headphones on. I may have hearing issues.


I don’t travel much. That little Facebook thing that asks, “how many states have you been in” came in at about 25, which includes Texas because of the airport. I’ll add Arizona for the home flight. That’s 26.


I hope I can travel more. Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet famous people at the airport. My niece Dee Dee meets presidents, singers, etc. My claim to fame was meeting the two guys from Adam-12 when they flew into Youngstown to perform in a play with their spouses. Cool at the time. To everyone under 50, Adam-12 was a cop show on TV. Yes, it was in color.


My wife met the Yankees in Toronto airport back in the 70’s. Lou Piniella tried to hit on her. Too bad “Sweet Lou”, I got her. I’d love to meet someone famous at an airport.


I’m heading to Haiti in September and January for a mission trip. I look forward to this so much. I’m sure “African Friend” by Jimmy Buffett will go through my mind at the airport in Haiti.


So we’re going to California. I love California. (Did I say that already?) Maybe I’ll meet someone famous. Either way, I’ll see someone who already is famous to me but is going to be famous to everyone else. Luke. And that works for me.


My Hero
May 17, 2012

When I grew up, Mickey Mantle was my hero. He could do no wrong. He was a homerun hitter, a New York Yankee, and seemed to be a heck of a nice guy.

I’ve read some articles on Mantle, recently, in fact there’s a fairly new book about him. It does not make him out to be a very nice guy. Alcoholic, womanizer, adulterer, foul mouthed, you know, a Boston Red Sox kind of guy.

Why wasn’t any of this publicized? How come none of this ever came out in the press? Because people liked heroes back then, and a hero was faultless, blameless, and, well a hero.

Ever meet somebody you looked up to and found out they were a moron? I met Frank Robinson, Hall of Fame player for the Baltimore Orioles. He was a complete jerk. Very disappointed.

As I write this, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone saying LeBron James was a “nice guy”. No, I haven’t. In fact, I hear the exact opposite. Yet he’s a “hero” to many (but not anyone from Cleveland).

Thurman Munson was another “hero” of mine. Got to meet him. I tracked him down like a wounded deer, just to shake his hand. He was walking quickly away with his wife after a game in Cleveland. We were outside the stadium and he kept walking as I kept pursuing. His wife, Diane, said, “Oh Thurman he just wants to shake your hand”. Thurman turned around grudgingly but shook my hand. Not the nicest, but when I read about him, he adored his family, and was very private with his life, so his time with them was valuable. I respect that. That same adoration for family lead to his death as he crashed his plane while taking flying lessons in Akron so he could go back and forth between New York and Cleveland to be with his family.

Astronauts used to be heroes. Presidents used to be heroes. As a little boy, I liked John Kennedy. I respected him. Kind of a hero, but his brother Bobby was my hero. He stood up for those who couldn’t. He was a loyal man, great ethics and morals. Then he was murdered. I kind of lost my taste for politics after that. And heroes that weren’t faster than a speeding bullet.

I understand that it is well documented now that John Kennedy was a womanizer and adulterer. Nobody ever reported it because they respected the office of president. (Bet Bill Clinton wished he was president then.)

For some reason, we’re not allowed to have heroes anymore. Michael Jordan? Womanizing jerk. Martin Luther King? Adulterer. Ben Rothlesberger? Sex offender. Thomas Jefferson? Slave owner who impregnated slaves. Tiger Woods? Nut job. Christopher Columbus? Slave owner. Charles Barkley? “I ain’t nobody’s role model”.

I miss having heroes. They bring you to a time of goodness. A time of kindness. A time of hope. A shining example for all of us to be like. All my heroes are flawed. All my heroes have a dark side. All of them are imperfect, they all have weaknesses like kryptonite to Superman.

Except Jesus. My Hero. Perfect. And the difference with this hero is that He knows me. He loves me. He died for me. He adores me. Even when I have my flaws. Even with my weaknesses. Even with my dark side. Even with my imperfections. Even with my kryptonite moments.

My Hero.

May 14, 2012

I love Texting. It’s fun and easy, plus I get to use funny letter combinations.

People write me and post “lol”, which I know is “laugh out lout”. Now I post lol, but I don’t always find that I laugh out loud. So I’ve decided to give some abbreviations that are more appropriate that we all can use in texting.

alol- “Almost laughed out loud”. You know the kind where a smile came to your lips, but no sound came out.

mmbaomn- “Made me blow air out my nose”- The kind of funny thing where you exhale sharply when you find something humorous.

slap- “Snorted like a pig”- That sound you make and are embarrassed. I knew a woman years ago who snorted like a pig everytime she laughed.

lshid-  “Laughed so hard I dribbled”- That’s where you laugh so hard, you kind of pee a little and you’re afraid you’re going to wet yourself completely. I used to make my cousin John do that all the time.

ymmosolfomn- “You made milk or some other liquid fly out my nose”- That’s pretty self explanatory.

iettiftm- “I’m embarrassed that this is funny to me”- My brother Bob has this type of humor that when I laugh, I’m embarrassed that I did.

omgicbyawt- “Oh my gosh I can’t believe you actually wrote that”- The kind of comment that everyone thinks, but nobody has the guts to actually say.

iaaatc(bcui)- “I am appalled at that comment (but cracking up inside)- Those are the outlandish comments that are funny, yet because of how important you are, you can’t let anyone know that you think it’s funny.

ituimm- “I threw up in my mouth”. Those comments that are so distasteful that it makes you sick.

twsbsymfiwtlol- “That was stupid but since you’re my friend I will type laugh out loud”- When you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so you respond with lol.

idgibitetlyksila- “I don’t get it but I’m too embarrassed to let you know so I’ll laugh anyway”- Most political humor is this way. When people make jokes about foreign trade, immigration, Bill SB 27262, you just laugh beause you don’t know enough to care about it.

wyjtmmllag- “What you just typed makes me look like a genius”- That unbelievable spelling, misuse of a word, or an ignorant statement that makes you feel like Einstein.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk- Humor too silly, soo slapstick, too childish that you can only respond like Curly.

su- “Shut up” That’s when you’ve had enough and you shut off your phone.

Hope this made you smile, if not an lol.