I love Texting. It’s fun and easy, plus I get to use funny letter combinations.

People write me and post “lol”, which I know is “laugh out lout”. Now I post lol, but I don’t always find that I laugh out loud. So I’ve decided to give some abbreviations that are more appropriate that we all can use in texting.

alol- “Almost laughed out loud”. You know the kind where a smile came to your lips, but no sound came out.

mmbaomn- “Made me blow air out my nose”- The kind of funny thing where you exhale sharply when you find something humorous.

slap- “Snorted like a pig”- That sound you make and are embarrassed. I knew a woman years ago who snorted like a pig everytime she laughed.

lshid-  “Laughed so hard I dribbled”- That’s where you laugh so hard, you kind of pee a little and you’re afraid you’re going to wet yourself completely. I used to make my cousin John do that all the time.

ymmosolfomn- “You made milk or some other liquid fly out my nose”- That’s pretty self explanatory.

iettiftm- “I’m embarrassed that this is funny to me”- My brother Bob has this type of humor that when I laugh, I’m embarrassed that I did.

omgicbyawt- “Oh my gosh I can’t believe you actually wrote that”- The kind of comment that everyone thinks, but nobody has the guts to actually say.

iaaatc(bcui)- “I am appalled at that comment (but cracking up inside)- Those are the outlandish comments that are funny, yet because of how important you are, you can’t let anyone know that you think it’s funny.

ituimm- “I threw up in my mouth”. Those comments that are so distasteful that it makes you sick.

twsbsymfiwtlol- “That was stupid but since you’re my friend I will type laugh out loud”- When you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so you respond with lol.

idgibitetlyksila- “I don’t get it but I’m too embarrassed to let you know so I’ll laugh anyway”- Most political humor is this way. When people make jokes about foreign trade, immigration, Bill SB 27262, you just laugh beause you don’t know enough to care about it.

wyjtmmllag- “What you just typed makes me look like a genius”- That unbelievable spelling, misuse of a word, or an ignorant statement that makes you feel like Einstein.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk- Humor too silly, soo slapstick, too childish that you can only respond like Curly.

su- “Shut up” That’s when you’ve had enough and you shut off your phone.

Hope this made you smile, if not an lol.


2 Responses

  1. So good…. I love when you write! 🙂

  2. hahaha LOVE IT! 🙂

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