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Baby Steps
May 26, 2013

So this “Walk to 199” thing has me pretty inspired. Got some good feedback and it’s appreciated. Let me fill you in on some stuff.

Being overweight most of my life (except when I smoked, drank, and did drugs, which at the time helped me weigh 155 pounds) has caused me to get really lazy. I mean “you’re telling me the remote is in the other room? Forget it, I’m going to bed” kind of lazy. So exercise is not that thrilling for me.

But I found that walking in Buhl Park or on the treadmill is a fantastic journey for me. But I’m slow. I used to run, I’d run about six miles a day in Florida.

When my oldest, Luke, was born, I decided to go running. My wife, Bonnie, just had Luke via C-Section, and I decided to take a walk. She specifically said, “Don’t run”. I remember it. Unfortunately, so does she. I decided to jog a bit, and tore my meniscus. Yeah, she has a new baby and a C-Section, and I’m on crutches. Not a whole lot of sympathy came from her regarding my injury.

So, although I was thinner, I’ve always wanted to run, and liked it. But as I got bigger, I’m finding I’d walk and it was enjoyable. When I hit 199, maybe I’ll run. But the doctor told me five years ago I’d need a new knee, so maybe walking is better.

But I need a plan. So that’s what I’m developing. Due to work and church schedule, I feel Wednesdays are days I won’t hit the treadmill. Possibly Sundays also, but that’s not on my plan as of yet. I did not go to day as it was ridiculously busy and I’m tired. (Poor excuse, I know). So maybe tomorrow, which is Sunday, I will go.

I’m going for 5 days a week of half hour walking minimum. At the Park, I walk much further, but can’t really gauge my pace. I’m starting slow to avoid injury. I also have short dago legs, so walking at a fast pace is painful in the hip area at times. So I’m trying to develop a plan, especially since the weather is so nice.

Even if the weight loss is slow, it’s good for my heart to walk, helps with my diabetes, and helps with blood pressure. I’m 57, I have my first grandchild coming, I want to be healthy. So I work it. Little by little. Baby steps.

My dad lived to be 90, was always active in the garden, drank and smoked for sixty years. My mother never smoked or drank, lived to be 68 and was diabetic. So if I split the difference, I’m good till I’m 79.  I want to be an active 79.

This blog isn’t only about weight loss. There will be humor and humbling. Sadness and happiness. My good friend Bob Davis whom I’ve known forever and have gone to Haiti with on mission trips, is in the hospital. They say he is full of cancer. Bob and I say it doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what God says. We pray for a miracle. Please do so also.

So come share my journey. I promise not to lie. I promise to tell you when I’m lazy. I promise to be fairly regular with these blogs. If I can help one person with this blog, either by my triumph or failures, it will be all worth it.

This morning,  5/25/13, I weighed in at 271. That shortens my goal to only needing to lose 72 pounds to reach 199. Doable, don’t you think?


Walking to 199
May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013


I’m on a journey. A slow journey. A walk, if you will.

I am attempting to get to 199 pounds. Why? Because I want to. 210 would be great but 199 would be awesome.

I am walking toward it. I am walking in Buhl Park or Planet Fitness with Bonnie, or treadmill by myself in the basement. I am watching my diet.

This will not, I repeat, NOT be fun. But it will be worth it. This is a huge task, but then again, I’m a HUGE guy. How huge? How rude of you to ask. But, since I expose myself to people more than a Kadashian (But only to people I care about), Its a 74 pound journey. Yep, 273 starting weight on 5/21/13. But I need your help.

Pray for me. Encourage me with humor. Pray for me. Give me good tips for eating. Pray for me. Tell me what works and doesn’t work for you. And above all, pray for me.

You are all my accountability partner. I’m counting on you.