We Can Do Better Than This

Ok, it’s been about ten days since the last blog, and I’ve failed miserably in terms of weight loss. I stood on the scale (and I seriously hear my scale say, “hey, only one person at a time”) and it was 273.4, UP 2.4 pounds. (I feel like a short kid that always adds the “1/2 inch, like I’m 4 foot 11 AND A HALF). I’m using the tenths to make me feel better. You know, closer to 272 than 275.

So, how have the ten days been? Not so constructive until the last two days. Here’s the problem I run into.

Excuse #1 “I’m busy”. My schedule stinks, like not getting home until 7:30 last night and shoving a hotdog and a balogna sandwich down my throat and a 1/4 bag of peanuts. I was famished. Throughout the day I did good, but the long drought between lunch and dinner (5 1/2 hours) did me in. I was famished.

Excuse #2 “I’m tired”. I’m always tired. Rich Mullins said that if you’re not tired then you’re not a Christian. I’m thinking that is true. Trying to get 7 hours sleep is almost impossible, but I’ve come close the last two days. So rest is important.

Excuse #3 “I’m a stress eater”. I must be stressed A LOT. I find that I’ll grab something unhealthy when I am stressed. It’s easy, and usually, unhealthy.

Of course I realize that these are exactly as I labeled them: “Excuses”. That’s all they are. So I’ve decided to take a crazy step (actually, it was Bonnie’s idea).

We both decided that since our life is crazy, we hit the gym at 6 a.m. As my wife has always told me, “you need a plan”. So I’ve got part of a plan.

So the workout is good in the morning. Two days in a row, pretty excited. And I really like it. It’s a great day to start the day. But I have to get the eating thing better controlled. And since the morning was my “Jesus time” of reading, I need to do my reading in the evening.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we attended a birthday party and then a cookout the next day. Mentally, I was prepared for the challenge. Fruits and veggies was my plan. However, brownies and burgers won over. I don’t know how people do it over holidays and birthdays, but they do. I have to get mentally prepared earlier and realize that I will fall, but I will rise.

There is a quote from George Steinbrenner that says, “I have fallen. I have been wounded. I am hurt. But I will rise. I will fight again”. I have not given up. I will slay this Goliath.

I am inspired by four people.

First, Jesus. He is my reason for living, and I am determined to accomplish everything he has set for me to do. I will live a long healthy life, Lord willing, and tell the world about Him. I cannot do this without Him. I love Him.

Bonnie. She is my strength and encouragement. She is my best friend. She is out for my best interest. She is my love.

Haniah Fabian (and all future grand babies.) I want to play with her and all future grandchildren. I want to be healthy to do that. I love her already.

Emily Alexander. I have known Em forever, it seems. She lives in Las Vegas. I used to be her pastor and she is my friend. She is getting skinnier by the minute. If you want inspiration, follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Ok. Talk is cheap. Let’s do this.


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