The Long and Winding Road

Notice I use song titles a lot for my titles?

Ok, this weight loss stuff is tough! I’ve been doing my morning workouts for over a week (with one day off). I find that the morning is the best way to get my workout in. It’s a simple thing, treadmilling for half hour. I’m burning about 200 calories. I am going to begin weight training also when I get this timing thing down, like how do I do this and still get to work on time.

The eating is pretty good. I’m really watching the sweet intake, as I worry about the diabetes. I would rather have cake than steak, and that’s my issue. (Ok, one of SEVERAL issues) So I’m avoiding this like the Department of Justice avoids the truth.

As stated earlier, I’m pretty much a stress eater. I’ve kind of been learning how to avoid doing that. I just avoid food when I’m stressed or try to eat fruit. But with diabetes, too much fruit isn’t good. A handful of almonds is what I try to do, or veggies. At work it’s a bit easier than at home. Easier access to junk, maybe?

My youngest, Ben, has graduated and his open house is in two days. I’m mentally preparing myself not to over do all the goodies, and stick to the veggies and avoid the sweets. Sweets is like porn to me. I just can’t look at it.

My good friend and the guy I went to Haiti with, Bobby Davis, has been given two months to live. That stinks even though I believe in God’s Providential will. It stresses me to see him like this, his body slowly decreasing due to cancer. He is six months older than me, and that is painful to watch and makes me think of my own mortality. I believe God can heal. That’s my prayer, although he is ready to meet God, face to face. How cool is that?

Two or three days ago, after walking a lot, my ankles were swelled up pretty badly. I ended up taking a water pill. Between that night and the next morning, I had gone down 10 pounds (I realize you are heavier in the evening). So I waited another day or two without taking the water pill. Today I am at 268.0. It’s working, but it’s a long and winding road.

Please pray, and be encouraged.


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