Roller Coaster

Well, all righty then!

It has been a crazy 6 days since the last blog. I had one incident yesterday that I can’t comment on right now, but will soon. Extremely busy, crazy, you call it.

My PC died at home. Yep, so I’m trying to do things via phone or smoke signal or whatever works. Just an annoyance, nothing earth shattering. The guy from Haiti whose orphanage we support has come and gone. He is going back to a place that has no bathrooms, running water or electricity. I’m thinking my computer is not a huge issue.

It has been horrible trying not to eat non-healthy stuff. My son’s open house was the 14th, and really, ham, pasta, and grape salad? So I tried moderation. It worked in some areas, but in others, not so much. Then the 16th was Father’s Day. Some food there maybe? You bet. I’m a weak person, yet God helps me.

Cookies and cakes. It’s like porn, I just can’t look at it. It’s so tempting especially when I am tired or stressed or both. Then it becomes a game, like, “how many cookies can I shove in my mouth without puking” sort of thing. Gluttony, that’s all it is.

So I had not worked out from the 12th through the 16th. My major discovery is that if I do not get to Planet Fitness by 6 a.m., I will not go. It seems if I wait longer, I get busy “doing” things, and lose the day. Such was the case yesterday. But I did end up taking a nice walk with the family, but at my wife’s pace. She’s a walker, I tell you. I think from all the years of shopping. If you see her, do not get in the way.

We have a nice park called Buhl Park, named after a couple who donated all this land to the valley. Very family friendly and very peaceful. I like peaceful.

So, some days good, some days bad, but I’ve learned from my friend Emily to enjoy the bad days without guilt. I am finding that the “bad” days are becoming fewer and fewer and I become anxious to get back on track again. I’m learning that this is life: some good days and some bad days.

My friend Bobby is wasting away to nothing. Cancer throughput his body, dropping weight rapidly, but in good spirits. He is ready to be healed or go home to the Lord. He says that if God is through with him, then he’s ready to go home.

I wonder how we know when God is through with us? Is death the end result of us being finished, or do we bring our death because we refuse to do what he wants us to do and we never finish what He has for us? A question that Bobby will find out soon, unless the Lord intervenes. Pray for Bob.

I slept through my alarm today but got to work on time. I didn’t get Planet Fitness, so I guess it’s a walk in the park. If I go to Planet Fitness between 5-8, it’s jammed and I have about 2 hours there. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. So I go early, put in a bit over an hour, then off to work. This works for me, if I don’t sleep through the alarm.

I’ve been retaining water when I walk outside in the heat, so am taking a water pill. It’s amazing how it can look like I have Fred Flintstone ankles and then the water pill brings it to normal.

I am looking into juicing. Gathering info about it. If anyone has good recipes, e-mail them to me at or leave it on a comment here. I’m interested in learning new things.

Bottom line, I’ve had a roller coaster six days. Some good. Some bad. Bottom line the result is my weight this morning was 264.6! That’s a total loss of 8.4 pounds. I’m excited. (I know it’s like a pebble rolling off a mountain, but I’m pretty stoked.)

Be strong and courageous, for the Lord is with you. Thanks for taking time to read this.



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