Yellow Pee

Life gives you various signs on how well you’re doing.

Pants don’t fit? You’ve gained a few pounds (or your spouse has shrunk them, which is my preferred excuse). People zone out when you’re speaking? You talk too much. Hair in your hairbrush? You’re going bald.

Since I’ve started this walk to 199, one tell tale sign of me not drinking enough water is “yellow pee”. If I come home from work at 4:30, and my pee is still yellow, then I’m not drinking enough water throughout the day.

I take a multivitamin and it’s like my urine glows in the dark. By 2 or three in the afternoon it should be clear. If it’s not, then it’s telling me I’m not keeping hydrated.

My guru, Emily Alexander (whom you REALLY NEED TO FOLLOW HER PAGE on Facebook, titled “Establishing Emily”), turned me on to an app to help me remember to drink enough water. The app is “iDrated”, and it’s 99 cents and well worth it. You plug in how much water you need for a day and it does the rest, even sends a message to your phone to remind you.

It would be so cool to have apps like that for other things in life, wouldn’t it? I’m going to invent some. “Call your mom” app, sends you messages to call your mom at whatever pace you want (daily, weekly, monthly).

For college kids, “Take a shower” app. A gentle reminder that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and that your peers will soon drag you into the shower and scrub you down with a vegetable cleaner.

For men, “The Non-ESPN” App. This one comes with an electric shock, to remind fellas to turn the TV to another station instead of watching the fourth repeat of “SportsCenter”. This could also be called the “Save Your Marriage” App.

Still plugging away at this weight thing. Not quitting, not frustrated, realizing this is a lifetime commitment. It’s a marathon race, not a sprint. I’m not going to sit here and eat rabbit food (lettuce and carrots) 24/7 to lose weight quickly. That will just cause me to gain weight when I go off it. This is a lifestyle.

Weight this morning: 265. Up one from a week ago, down 8 from May 24th.


I see the doctor on Monday for my six month check up. We’ll see what she says.


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