Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

July 17, 2013

“Doctor, Doctor, Give me The News”

Went to the doctors for my six month check up. It’s always a little intimidating, particularly when you are getting weighed. But I was excited to go this time.

That morning (two days ago) I weighed myself and couldn’t get below 264. It’s been awhile, and getting frustrating as I’ve been working out very diligently. So I weighed myself expecting to break it and I came in at ………264.

I’m thinking my scale must be blocked and won’t go below that number! So I go to the doctor. Well, with my clothing on, my weight was 263! Everything in me wanted to strip to my underwear there and get on again, maybe hit 262, but thought nobody needed to see that, and I apologize for the visual you just got.

When they did my vitals, my pulse was 64 and my blood pressure 110/76. This is like pretty phenomenal. Then she tells me that my weight six months ago was 278. That’s a drop of 15 pounds. When I started my “Walk to 199”, I was 273, so I’m at a spot of a definite 10 pound loss, and 15 in six months. Good start.

I talked to her about my being at a “plateau”, and she suggested that I’m not eating enough. I’ve NEVER been told that I don’t eat enough, ha ha, but I guess it may be true. So trying to focus on 4-5 meals, small meals.She also says I don’t get enough sleep, that i need 7-8 hours. That ain’t gonna happen.

She has decreased my Metformin for diabetes by 500 mg., and wants to see me in three months to possibly lower my other medications. This is extremely good news as she told me that her goal is to have me off all medications. That’s my plan also.

My weight this morning was 262.4! I’m pumped! I hope this motivates you as it does me. God is good.


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