Sounds of Silence

July 24, 2013

“Sounds of Silence”

It has been almost a week since my last blog. A couple reasons for the silence.

I have done poorly regarding eating and exercise. After I hit my lowest in a long time (262.4), I think I got a bit over confident. Exercise was less this week (although I did have back issues, but that’s an excuse) and eating got bad.

Went back to old habits. Portion control was bad, we were invited out to eat and I over did it. feeling it’s ok because of how I’ve been doing, I just lost focus. Lots of focus.

Then, as I viewed this past few days as a failure, I got feeling bad about me, feeling bad about how I let people down, feeling bad. What does one do (at least I do) when I’m feeling bad? Eat. Like I said, bad week.

But, in reading Scriptures, I read of Joseph and his brothers, how the brothers mistreated Joseph yet Joseph received them with open arms, and they were restored. And as i read that, I realize that failure doesn’t reside in failed attempts, it resides in failing to attempt.

So I’m at it again. Disappointed? I was, but not now. It’s all learning. I find that the greatest lessons I learned weren’t in a school building, but in life. Life is the greatest school and Christ is the greatest teacher.

Remember, there are no mistakes if we learn from them. It’s a lesson. If we repeat the lessons, we just ain’t paying attention.

Weight this morning? 266.4, up 4 pounds. But this is a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s do this.


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