The Good Fight

July 26, 2013

“The Good Fight”

I guess the key is to never give up.

Even when you mess up, you got to keep on it. I worked hard this week to get back where I was. I was a bit discouraged, but by God’s grace, I was able to turn things around.

We have to remember, as I often remind myself, that this is not a sprint, but a journey. With everything going on in life, which I’m sure you can relate, it is hard to get focused on the goal.

When I was working in a drug rehab in Florida, we would take the kids on a sailboat out in the ocean. I remember we would sail at night, and the captain would give us a focus point, either a star or a lighthouse, and tell us where to keep it as we sailed. (For example, “keep that lighthouse at 1 o’clock” or “keep that star at 4 o’clock”)  This way we knew the direction we were going was right. We’d reach our destination if we stayed focused on the light.

With that being said, I’ve focused on God, diet, and exercise. My weight this morning? 262.6 pounds! And, there has been a pair of jeans I bought 4 to 5 years ago that is hanging in my closet.  I’ve been wearing size 46 , and I’ve always said I’d hold on to them until I fit into them. They are a size 44.

Today, I wore them to work. Fits perfectly.

I am ecstatic, and very motivated. The Apostle Paul says we have to fight the good fight. I am.  And this fight ain’t over yet. I got a wedding to go to tomorrow and a church picnic the day after. Pray for me.


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