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Teach Your Children
August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

“Teach Your Children”

Been a while since I’ve blogged. Dealing with a bunch of different stuff.

Well, I’ve added weightlifting, actually, increased weightlifting to my routine. I had no rhyme or reason on how I was lifting, just working on biceps and triceps.

Well, about 4 days ago I lifted, and sometime on Sunday I noticed that I was in pain in the rib cage area. I figured I’d pulled a muscle. Well it’s 4 days, and still in pain, to the point where it hurts to breathe. I overdid some things, I guess.

So I met with the trainer and so did Bonnie. He gave us a routine to follow(when I have my ribs heal), and I realized that although I’ve lifted weights quite often in my life, I have apparently not been lifting correctly.

Very valuable lesson here. Technique is more important than the weight you lift. I was lifting with my back instead of arms, thus the pain in the rib cage. It’s funny after all this time that I have been doing it wrong. I’ve seen results, but not the results that I should see.

This excites me as I’m always willing to learn. I was initially embarrassed, but realized that life is all about learning. You learn more outside the school building than inside.

So, I move on. Trying to be adult and learn my limitations, maybe work more on technique than amount of weight, and continue with the cardio routine. I am not able to do my walking without there being pain in the rib area, so I’ve decided to take the full week off. I miss it and am looking forward to getting back to it.

So, kids, listen to this old man. Just because you’ve done something for years doesn’t mean you’ve been doing it right. See a professional, learn, study, and apply. Wisdom isn’t what you learn, but the application of what you learned. (And pay attention outside of the school building).

My trainer recommended not weighing myself for a month because of discouragement and giving up, so I won’t. Weighed myself two days ago. It was 262.0.  I’ll keep you posted.


August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Well, it’s been 17 days since my last blog. I guess it’s a combination of frustration and laziness. Ever get that way, in a funk? Well that’s where I’ve been. Funkytown.

Horrible excuses, but true. Frustration because of where I work (not the church) and weight. It’s tied in together.

I have found that I don’t get hurt easier, but it takes me longer to heal. I was at work and for one hour and forty-five minutes my entire time was involved in keeping a kid ( I work in a psych hospital) from hurting himself or other kids. So for the entire time, this kid kept running at me, trying to knock me over or off of my chair which was blocking the door. My neck and back were killing me.

One hour and forty-five minutes. I was hired to take care of the spiritual part of mental health, but get hijacked to do other things. Frustrating. But, being the obedient slouch that I am, I do it. I do it unto the Lord, but keep asking the Lord, “Really?” Why we question God, the Creator of the universe, I never know.

So that leads to my next frustration……..weight.

17 days ago I was 262. So excited, remember? (If not, read my blog “The Good Fight”). I was heading to 260 like it was my job. Well, since then I’ve been floating between 263-267. Frustrated? Way beyond, as I have been to Planet Fitness 14 out of the last 17 days, and have increased weight training. Everyone says, “It must be muscle”.  Yeah. Right. Whatever.  But here’s the cool part.

There is a pair of blue pants I wear to work that are tight. Bonnie always irons these ones first (which I’m appreciative) and I wear them. They are tight. I don’t think I look good in them, but I wear them, because some of the other pants I have look like I have a load of crap in them, as they’re big. (Not that that hasn’t happened, but that’s another story).

So she irons them for me to wear for preaching yesterday (she did it on purpose), and they not only fit, but they are loose. I mean, almost big. I’m pretty excited. She purposely made me wear them so I could see that I’m doing ok. Gotta love that woman.

So, no scale for a week. No discouragement through it, and I’ll see what a week holds. I’m pretty excited as things may not be as they appear. Or they are.

Weight today was 265.2  I’ll keep walking.