Hello It’s Me

No excuse.

I’m lazy. It’s been over a month (I missed September) and no blogs. I apologize to those who look forward to them. I feel awful and will do better.

I have “retired” from my job at the hospital. I am loving life, right now. It’s been 18 years I’ve worked there, and trust that the good Lord will take care of me (He always has). It’s quite exciting.

I did almost a three mile walk in the park with my beloved Bonnie, no weight training today, as I realize I need to do something to be more consistent.  So I will plan on getting up early, even though it’s not necessary for work. But tomorrow I’m taking off as I got a ticket for my birthday from my son Ben to see the Browns/Bills game. Me and my boys haven’t been to a football game together, so we will now.

I had my birthday October 1. Fifty-eight years. I’m in better shape than when I turned 57 and plan on even better shape for my 59th and 60th. I got to spend time with Emily Alexander, who is doing a phenomenal job of losing weight and doing it the right way. If you’re on Facebook, follow her page, “Establishing a New Emily”. It is worth your time. And if you’re looking for humor, insight, and down to earth talk, if you’re on Facebook, follow “Luke’s Brain Chunks”. It’ll be worth it.

It’s always a time of reflection on birthdays. Thankful for life. Happy that God has brought my kids all home and I have Haniah, my granddaughter. Life is good for me.

Autumn in western Pennsylvania is remarkable. Love the changing of the leaves (a bit early this year) and the park nearby is phenomenal. So blessed, and determined to live life to the fullest.

I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Until I get to 199. I will.

Today: 262.


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