Lazy Days

January 1, 2014

“Lazy Days”

Well Happy New Years to all of you. Hope you’re all safe and warm and are relishing in the fact that you are alive in 2014, because, seriously, haven’t you wondered how you’re still here? lol.

It has been a lazy few days since my last blog. After being so proud of myself that I made it through Christmas with no exercising and eating what I want, I stumbled (not drunkenly) into 2014 with a weight of 262.2. Not, and I repeat, not acceptable.

So do I complain? No. Here’s what I’ve come to in my old age (along with the realization that next year I will be 60 years old). When I decide to go off my strict eating and exercise pattern, I do so with absolutely no guilt. No anguish. No shame. I have learned that living life is exactly that: living life. And if I decide to eat what I want when I want, I do so with enjoyment. Actually, much enjoyment. But here’s the thing.

It’s for a short season, a brief time. Always focused on the goal of 199, I realize that I will take a detour on this road. But never follow the “other” road for a great length of time.

So enjoy.

I’ve also decided to cut back on Facebook, but to increase “My Walk To 199” blog and to utilize twitter. I think that this blog may be helpful and also it may reach a larger group that can benefit from it through Twitter. My goal in 2014 is to be less political, more spiritual, more health conscious, and more fun. Hard to imagine “spiritual” and “fun” in the same sentence, isn’t it?

I think Jesus had a great sense of humor. I think He enjoyed life to the fullest. I don’t think He got hung up on little things (like stores not being allowed to say “merry Christmas”), but focused on his message of reconciliation and love. I think He loved everyone, yet loved them enough to point out their need for a savior, and that He is that Savior.

I saw a poster years ago called “Jesus Laughing”, and it showed an average looking fellow who was in a full blown laugh. I think Jesus laughed, and Scriptures tell us that He wasn’t particularly striking so that people would not follow him because of his looks. He was an average looking man, yet fully God.

So that’s it. If on 1/1/14 I’m at 262.2, I truly plan to be in my 240’s by my trip to Florida in April. That will be totally up to me. I hope you are finding these helpful, the realness of this walk, with even my lazy days.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook (I’m the Joe Marzano whose picture is with me walking with my wife on the beach), Google+, or twitter. (@joemarzano3).

I’ve gotten some great comments and feedback from you all, and it is appreciated. Let’s do good in 2014. Let’s reach our full potential for what God has for us this year.

We got this. It’s going to be a good year. I got a Facebook friend request today.

From Jim Paynter.


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