If I Fell

So about four days ago, I fell down my basement steps. Yep, I did. Actually, not all the steps.

Have you ever gone down the steps and thought you were at the bottom step, but there was one more? Yeah, me too. I hit the ground knee first, ended up on the ground on my back, glasses one direction and phone the other. So, other than a hurt knee, daily headaches, and bruised ego (“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”), I’m ok, just sore. Real sore.

But I pushed through this, continued to do the treadmill, and watched my diet. Well until yesterday. We were celebrating anniversaries and I ate some pasta and didn’t exercise. So, yeah, took the day off. But today is a new day.

I’m finding that I’m not like those guys you see on the videos. The guys on You Tube where they lose 130 pounds in a year. These guys change their eating completely, exercise rigorously, and don’t take days off. I’m not like that, I guess. I am living life, but watching what I eat most of the time, and exercising more often than not. That, apparently, is my reality in this “Walking to 199”.

So, I haven’t lost 130 pounds, but since March I’ve lost 26. I was at 30, but put a couple pounds on. I still have two months until March and should lose thirty by then, again. But if I lose 30 pounds a year, I should hit 199 in 26 or 7 months. That works for me.

I’ve found I can maintain my weight, but I’m not at a weight I want to maintain. So I know when I get down to my weight that I will maintain it. I’m finding that diets don’t work, well, they do in the short term, but they don’t work as a lifestyle.

We head up to Erie today to visit Bonnie’s cousins (well, my cousins too by marriage), and we will probably eat. No, I know we will. So I will enjoy the day yet try to be careful. I will do the treadmill again as soon as I’m finished with this blog. I try to be consistent. At least fairly, consistent.

I’ve laid off the weight training for now, focusing on cardio and trying to focus on weight lost. I will focus on looking like the Hulk when I drop some more weight.  Beast mode can wait. I’ve realized that I can’t continue to enjoy cake or cookies more often than not, but just occasionally, like once a week or so, as a treat. I’m a cake eater, thanks Mom.

So, I want to encourage anyone else on this journey, whether it’s weight, addictions, whatever. Live life. Love life. Fight hard for what you want. Pray. Trust God.

Weight: 160.2


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