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How Deep Is Your Love?
February 22, 2014

Well another week has come and this Fast Metabolism Diet is fantastic. I’m at 252.4, loss of 20.6 pounds since I started this blog in May, but a loss of 30.6 since last March. Yeah, this diet and exercise is a great idea. I’d prefer a pill and a donut, but that’s not how it works. To think that I could be at 222 next year at this time blows me away. With God, all things are possible.

It’s been a unique week. I’m not hungry, eat more often, have exercised a bit less, and the weight keeps coming off. People are asking me, ‘how do you do it’? I tell them the basics of this eating plan, and they aren’t interested. I get it. I was there. But thank God, I’m not there now.

It’s work. It’s dedication. It’s, as I read in “In Pursuit of Holiness”, making your body your slave instead of your master. Your body tells you to stay in bed, but you master it by getting up and exercising. Your body tells you you’re too tired to read the Bible, but you tell your body you’re going to read. I totally get it when people don’t want to do it. Just hoping that it will drop off. That would be so nice. But it’s not realistic.

It helps that I’m not doing this alone. My wife, son, and daughter-in-law are doing it, which makes this a lot easier. My niece Barb has started all this. She’s lost 60 pounds in 6 months. It’s a healthy diet, and with the ladies doing the cooking and my wife Bonnie always looking after me, this is so doable. (Is that a word? do-able? It is now). It’s an exhilarating feeling to get control over something that has plagued me for years. The only time I was thin was when I was drinking and drugging. I quit that and the weight came back on.

However, God, the biblical God of the Bible, through His Son Jesus, delivered me from the drinking and drugging and is helping with this “Battle of the Bulge”.  It’s tough at times, but well worth it.

This winter has been wicked. For the first time in months I’m able to see my yard. I’ve also noticed since the snow has melted that my dog has been eating well. Time to clean that up. But back to winter, it’s here. March is around the corner, hopefully spring too. It just feels better when it’s warm.

So, what’s your battle? Alcohol? Drugs? Weight? Anger? Fear? It’s all beatable with God’s help. Pray and work. You have to face your fears. But sometimes we need a wake up call. A DUI arrest. A heart attack. A panic attack. Now’s the time. Fight this before a doctor tells you  that you need surgery or drugs to fix it. You can do it.

Seriously, if a stooge like me is able to battle this life long war, certainly you can. I’ve got faith in you. But more faith in God.

Weight: 252.4 (and dropping)

I’m A Loser
February 15, 2014

Well here it is, 1 a.m. (EST) and I just got back from the gym. Yep, dedicated? Nah, took a nap earlier and couldn’t fall asleep so I thought, ‘why not’.

I’ve been really pleased with the meal plan I’ve been following along with a bit of exercise. I have found that with this eating plan, my proportions have been WAY out of control. Apparently, I’m eating for two, so if nothing else, this plan is fabulous in teaching me how to be moderate.

The most interesting thing with this is that when I’m done with my meal, I’m still a bit hungry. So I mumble and moan like the baby I can be, but realize that in 10-15 minutes after I’ve eaten, I’m pretty full. Plus two or three snacks in between and it makes for a pretty healthy lifestyle. Remember, this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

I don’t know what a “leek” is, but it’s tasty. Bonnie made some up in a soup and it’s good. I’ve had no wheat, dairy, and I’ve only had coffee two days in the last 12 days, and I honestly don’t miss it. I haven’t been totally good, however, and being the “naughty boy” I am, I splurged on a donut today. I know my doctor says there is never a reason to eat a donut, but I politely disagree with her. If she keeps it up, I may have to switch doctors. It’s a nice treat. There was a donut shop in LA called “The Donut Shop West”. It was in walking distance from where Luke lived. So, I’d exercise by taking a walk, get a dozen donuts, and walk back. Best donut ever. They would slice any donut you wanted length wise and then fill it with cream. Enough of this subject. It’s like porn, can’t even think about it.

I’ve found that if I go out of my prescribed food list, there is no guilt. I’ve learned to live life and enjoy it. I have changed my eating habits so much, thanks to my wife Bonnie and daughter-in-law Amanda. They make it easier. You almost have to be a magician to make some of the meals, but they do a great job. It’s a lot of work preparing all three meals instead of grabbing a sandwich or a pastry. I’m learning, though.

It can get quite expensive at times though. Living in Pennsylvania, in February, fresh fruit and veggies aren’t available, so the price is gouged by the markets, and we have to choose to buy it or eat snow. Living in California would make it easier.

I remember being out there and stopping at a roadside stand and they were selling strawberries. I stopped to pick some up (they were huge and delicious) and the guy was also selling “Bing” Cherries. Oh my gosh, I almost ate the whole bag myself. I absolutely love Bing Cherries, you know, the big purplish kind.  I love fresh fruit. And it’s a part of “The Fast Metabolism” diet. It’s really not a diet, but a new way of eating.

The guy selling them was Mexican, and me, knowing five words of Spanish, told him “Buenos Dias”. He replied back to me, “Buenos Dias”, then began speaking Spanish. I said, “Oh no Hablo Espanol”, then he spoke in perfect English. Taught this Northern boy something about trying to be cute.

My granddaughter, Haniah, was all dressed for Valentines Day and was as cute as can be. She’s part of the reason I am trying to exercise. I want to dance at her wedding, not have her push me around in a wheel chair. I gotta dance, but in a very masculine kind of way, sort of like Ellen.

The weather continues to be rock solid cold. Down south when they get two inches of snow, it becomes a state of emergency. Here when it’s two inches of snow, we call it Spring.

The cold weather and cloudy skies tend to keep you sluggish, so exercising is a chore. You just want to veg on the couch, a remote in one hand and a root beer in the other, and flip through all 500 channels on DirectTV, and realize that there is nothing to watch. One night I was up late, and they had a commercial selling sex toys. Yeah, sex toys. On TV. It’s the craziest thing I ever saw. Never knew so many instruments could go so many places, and they ship it to your door. This is what America has become? We’re a mess.

So, I’ve rambled enough, but here’s the good news. This eating healthy and exercise works. Don’t need a pill, operation, etc., just healthy eating and exercise. Ready for this? My weight this morning was 255.6! I have not seen that number in years. Since March, that puts me at a 30.4 pound weight loss. And I’m not done. I’m on my way, Lord willing, to 199. Hope to get there by February 2015. That’s the plan. I’ve discovered through this program that two things kill, absolutely KILL your metabolism. They are coffee and alcohol.

Please continue to pray for me. I’m on a good roll now, but those thoughts keep entering my head to chuck it all and just eat like I used to. I hope those days are done. Maybe not the days as much as that lifestyle is done. The Apostle Paul says we are new creations. I believe the old Joe has died, and the Christ in me will sustain me to finish the work He has started in me.

My prayer is for everyone who reads this to be encouraged. Become hopeful. Being able to seize each day and have control of it, not have it control you. We got this. It feels good to be a loser.

Weight: 255.6


Baby, It’s Cold Outside
February 8, 2014

So, it’s been quite a week.

Attempted something new to get my weight loss kick started. Found this book called “The Fast Metabolism Diet”. It’s a twenty-eight day plan where you eat certain foods and eat more often throughout the day. Over Superbowl week where I ate everything bad (but oh, so good), I had “blossomed” to 270.8. Not enough exercise and too much bad foods.

That happens though. That’s life. But Bonnie, my lovely wife, and Amanda and Luke, my lovely daughter-in-law and son, decided to do this fast metabolism. I’ve never been a fan of these things, but since my niece Barbie had lost 60 pounds in 5 months, we thought, ‘why not?’.

Well, in five days, by eating right and exercise, I dropped 10.4 pounds. And it wasn’t difficult. It’s a good book, and it helps to a healthy lifestyle. So, that seems to work. Looking forward to continuing healthy eating and exercise, follow this diet “somewhat”, and see where it goes. Since March I’m down almost 30.

Cold. This winter has been cold, which sort of made me lazy. It’s my fault as I’m responsible to stay motivated, but I was pretty dormant. But that is changing. I feel renewed, recharged, whatever.

My dear friend Emily, whom you must follow her page on Facebook, “Establishing A New Emily”, was in a serious car wreck. She is on the road to recovery, but it is a reminder to all of us that there may be a time where we are all unable to exercise, so we need to while we are able.

Tomorrow marks 50 years ago when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show. It really changed my life (not as much as Jesus, but you know what I mean), and again, this makes me reflect on how quickly life goes by.

Next year I will be 60. I’m looking forward to it. I will be healthy. Please pray for me.

Weight 259.4