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Born To Run
March 24, 2014

Ok, so it’s been over two weeks since my last blog. How fast time flies when you’re having fun.

I had about two weeks of maintaining my weight, not following the eating plan as strictly as I had and not exercising regularly, so I have figured out how to maintain. I don’t want to maintain at this weight, so I’ve been getting serious the past few days.

I’ve hit Planet Fitness regularly, and EVEN JOGGED. I don’t know the last time I ran, (I think when the buffet was closing in five minutes), so it felt good. Ok, not exactly run, but jog. Haven’t done that for a very long time. And when I was jogging, my friend Alec came over to talk to me, and I actually carried on a conversation WHILE jogging. THAT has been a very long time.

So I’m feeling good. People are starting to notice, and that’s cool, but the cooler thing is I feel so much better. Much more energy, and it’s actually funny. I’ve noticed that I actually run up the steps. This isn’t planned, just break out into a run. This is all crazy. I love it though. Makes me feel like a kid. A fat kid, but one that’s working it off.

My legs are a bit sore, but who’d thought I’d be running? Not me. So the focus is to walk, but I go and run a couple minutes, walk five or six, run a couple more, walk five or six, etc. It’s working as I’m burning over 300 calories on the treadmill, which excites me also.Not exactly Olympian is style or effort, but I never dreamed I’d have the energy to do this. Excite, yes, very much so thank you.

I believe there is a correlation between what’s going on physically and what’s going on spiritually. I’ve been digging into the Word and memorizing Scripture. That gets my spirit going and it carries over physically. It’s like I am a new person, almost like when I received Christ. I’m able to do things now that I couldn’t before.

Have you ever been losing weight and you step on the scale, and see numbers you haven’t seen for awhile, and you can’t believe it? So you step off and get back on. And it’s the same. Bonnie reminded me that ten years ago, when I followed Weight Watchers, that I was 243, the lowest I’ve been in 10 years. But I got tired of counting points, so i fell off and never tried to climb back on. But today I am at 247.4, a drop of 26.5 pounds since Feb. 3rd and 36 since March of 2013. I’ve gone, so far from size 48 pants to 42 and they’re getting baggy. I went from 18 1/2 size shirt to 17 1/2. This is exciting.

I’m enjoying eating for the first time in a long time. No guilt, no condemnation. I do the best I can, and I tell you, I’m good with this. I’ve discovered that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. I HAVE, thanks to Bonnie, been prepared for all the “goodies” in life and take no chances. I have my snacks, healthy snacks, around me constantly. It works.

So, what is your struggle? Are you still fighting it or have you thrown in the towel, like Roberto Duran, shouting, “No Mas”? Whatever you do, don’t quit. Ever. Take a time out, take a break, but don’t quit. Get rested, get back up. Keep your eye on the goal. It’s there. Seriously, if I can do this, you can.

Weight: 247.4


Angry Young Man
March 8, 2014

Well, another week under the belt (that’s a sick expression for a guy trying to lose weight).

It’s been a weird week, eating habits were out of whack (amazing how old habits can come back like a pimple). So, on the good side, I worked out 3 times this week. So that’s good. But the weight this morning is 149.4.  Up 1.4 pounds. (I was upset, until I remembered, “I’m in the 240’s).  So, I figure I’ll have weeks like that. Good advice from my son Ben and my good friend, Vinny in regards to weight training. I got this!

I’m really excited spiritually, which leads to excitement physically. If I’m good spiritually, I’m good physically. I’ve begun to memorize Scriptures, a hearty task I might add. I read this book by Jerry Bridges and he said about memorization, so I thought I’d try it. He said to figure an area you need to work on (I narrowed it down to 15), and came up with anger.

I’ve always had an anger problem. I tell everyone that I can beat anyone in a “chainsaw throw”. I’ve thrown mine many times, and with quite accuracy and a distance of many yards. There’s also the “lawnmower kick”, but that doesn’t make the lawnmower go  very far.  Then there’s the “rip up the outside Christmas lights”, where they become so tangled, you just start ripping them apart and then throwing them away. More expensive than tearing up a phone book.

So, anger it is. We all have issues, don’t we? Overeating, swearing, anger, lust, hate, bitterness, prejudices, being a Steelers fan. We all do. It’s funny how we can easily point the finger at someone else, but not take to heart what we do. I guess it’s that sinful, human, nature we inherited. Stupid Adam and Eve.

But it can be overcome. The problem is that nobody wants to fight for it. Nobody wants to change. We become used to it, befriend it, and declare, “It’s just how I am! My daddy was this way, his daddy was this way, so it’s in the genes.” But it doesn’t have to be. Scripture tells us, for those who believe, “sin shall not be master over you  because you are no longer under sin but under grace”. (Romans 6:14).   That’s pretty thrilling.

I used to be a drunk, but not anymore. I used to do drugs. But not anymore. It’s because of God’s mercy and grace, and that very grace that brought me out from under the stronghold.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m still an idiot. In many ways. Too many to list. But I find that I make smarter decisions, better choices. Because of God. Yet, I’m still fat.

But I’m defeating this giant of weight. It’s being knocked down. I no longer live to eat, but eat to live. It’s because we, if we’re believers, we are more than conquerors. Able to do all things.

So how you doing with your giants? You can slay it, you know. I believe it. Do you?

Weight 249.4

My Girl
March 1, 2014

In my “Walking To 199”, I am so blessed to have the helpmate God gave me, Bonnie Bateman Marzano. Without her help in helping me make smart choices, cooking, and encouraging, my walk would be a stand still. To her, “my girl”, I’m grateful. Eternally grateful.

This week has been amazing in that I find that I am able to do this new way of eating rather easily. It’s been a struggle at times when I get discouraged, particularly in the beginning of the week, and find my weight either is up a pound, or I am breaking even. But, in spite of discouragement, we push on. That’s what conquerors do, right?

I had a foot problem and haven’t walked at all this week. I’m not sure how I injured it, but it went from the middle of the ball of my foot, up my middle toe, then over the top of my foot to about the middle. I walked with a limp for a while, but it is getting better. I can probably walk, but am choosing to be wise and let it heal.

I’ve tried many things over many years to help me lose weight. Actually, I was rather thin, mid 150’s, when I moved back here from Florida in 1984. But I was a smoker, drinker, and druggie back then. I quit all that and food took over. I never was a good eater anyways. That’s the Mistretta side of the family. Cake eaters.

I’ve always loved sweets, and though the taste is what I liked, it was the convenience that was truly attractive. I was and still can be fairly lazy. So much easier to grab a donut, a pastry, a cookie, than take the time to cook something. It’s sad, but that’s how I’ve been. My whole life. Until now.

This Fast Metabolism Diet has changed my life. It’s changed the way I eat, the way I drink, the way I think. I’m a devout Christian, a pastor as you may or may not know, but there is a Zen saying that makes sense to me. It was “when the mind is ready a teacher appears”. That’s how this dieting thing went.

My mind was ready to lose weight. I had not wanted to diet, and the Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t really a diet, but it’s a way of life. Eating right, taking time to succeed, avoiding failure, giving myself a chance to succeed. Is it like that in your battle? You try to do what you know you need to do, whether it’s stop smoking, eating poorly, drinking excessively, or drugging. You think you can do this by tapering off.  You’re kidding yourself. you can’t. You need to change. You need to change drastically. You need to get radical.

If I can kill this Goliath of weight, then you can too. Whatever your Goliath is. You can do it. I do it with God’s help. You may choose not to use God for help, but it is truly a much harder road. Christ is my strength, a never ending source of help.

God uses people. God uses diets, books, music, to reach us, to help us, to motivate us. You don’t always have to be overweight. You don’t always have to be a smoker. You don’t always even have to be a thief. Pray. Ask God to inspire you.

I’m seeing crazy numbers on this scale. Remember this all started with me at 273. Actually, the doctor told me that last March I was 286.  Today’s number on the scale blew my socks off. This is working. You can beat your Goliath. Do it. I’ll be praying for you.

Weight: 248.0 (Isn’t that freakin’ crazy?I only have 49 pounds to go.)