When I was off Facebook, I missed my friends. Those around the country, even different countries, I missed pictures of them and grandkids, family, and their travels. My youngest Ben  thinks old people should be off Facebook. I was for awhile and I’m back, so let me tell you why.

I needed to get off for awhile to refocus. Not focus so much on politics and disagreements or arguments regarding it, but instead gleaning from the posts and maybe striking a chord with someone over mine.

Too many disagreements and arguments over sports, also. It, just like the politics, would start off joking, then turn in to a free for all. So through this time off, I learned who not to argue with because they are unreasonable.

First, liberals. They are so hell bent in going their way that not only do they disagree with you, but also demean you with snide comments about them feeling they are smarter and wiser than you. Their motto seems to be “If you don’t agree with me, you must be an idiot”.

Second, Steeler fans. They are determined to remind you they have six Superbowl wins, with 4 of them before they were even born. They are demeaning to all other teams, feel that all other teams play “dirty”, cheat, and when they do lose, they still think the other team is inferior and were “lucky”. They also believe that the NFL started in the 70’s, thus the Packers having the most titles doesn’t count.

Third, atheists. I’ve never had a “discussion” with an atheist. It’s always an argument. They want you to prove God exists, yet when you ask them if all the laws of physics and human nature are designed and they agree, they ignore the fact that there must be a designer. They mock your belief (see liberals above), and say that science proves that evolution  and the Big Bang Theory are facts. They are not. They are theories. At that point, they cease being scientists, but become philosophers. This is what they think.

Fourth, people who “have a cause” and do nothing to help it. Bruce Jenner supporters who get all flustered because he is called Bruce Jenner instead of his feminine name. Rich people that will protest for minority rights, yet not lift a finger to help. People that will save an Eagle’s egg and have you arrested, yet let millions of babies aborted. People who disrupt traffic, invade shopping malls, close bridges to point to their “cause”. It’s not a “cause” they point to but a pointing to themselves.

Fifthly, People who change the names so it’s more palatable, for example “illegal aliens” are now “undocumented workers”. There’s no longer a “Global War on Terror”, its an “Overseas Contingency Operation”.

I am finding that avoiding arguments with these people make Facebook so much more enjoyable (yet, Steelers fans continue their obnoxious baiting, however, I am not taking the bait). I get to see people I haven’t seen in years and show off my kids. And my grandkids.

So, much to Ben’s chagrin, I am back on Facebook. You can “friend” me if you wish, but, I won’t argue the point if you don’t.


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