My Girl
March 1, 2014

In my “Walking To 199”, I am so blessed to have the helpmate God gave me, Bonnie Bateman Marzano. Without her help in helping me make smart choices, cooking, and encouraging, my walk would be a stand still. To her, “my girl”, I’m grateful. Eternally grateful.

This week has been amazing in that I find that I am able to do this new way of eating rather easily. It’s been a struggle at times when I get discouraged, particularly in the beginning of the week, and find my weight either is up a pound, or I am breaking even. But, in spite of discouragement, we push on. That’s what conquerors do, right?

I had a foot problem and haven’t walked at all this week. I’m not sure how I injured it, but it went from the middle of the ball of my foot, up my middle toe, then over the top of my foot to about the middle. I walked with a limp for a while, but it is getting better. I can probably walk, but am choosing to be wise and let it heal.

I’ve tried many things over many years to help me lose weight. Actually, I was rather thin, mid 150’s, when I moved back here from Florida in 1984. But I was a smoker, drinker, and druggie back then. I quit all that and food took over. I never was a good eater anyways. That’s the Mistretta side of the family. Cake eaters.

I’ve always loved sweets, and though the taste is what I liked, it was the convenience that was truly attractive. I was and still can be fairly lazy. So much easier to grab a donut, a pastry, a cookie, than take the time to cook something. It’s sad, but that’s how I’ve been. My whole life. Until now.

This Fast Metabolism Diet has changed my life. It’s changed the way I eat, the way I drink, the way I think. I’m a devout Christian, a pastor as you may or may not know, but there is a Zen saying that makes sense to me. It was “when the mind is ready a teacher appears”. That’s how this dieting thing went.

My mind was ready to lose weight. I had not wanted to diet, and the Fast Metabolism Diet isn’t really a diet, but it’s a way of life. Eating right, taking time to succeed, avoiding failure, giving myself a chance to succeed. Is it like that in your battle? You try to do what you know you need to do, whether it’s stop smoking, eating poorly, drinking excessively, or drugging. You think you can do this by tapering off.  You’re kidding yourself. you can’t. You need to change. You need to change drastically. You need to get radical.

If I can kill this Goliath of weight, then you can too. Whatever your Goliath is. You can do it. I do it with God’s help. You may choose not to use God for help, but it is truly a much harder road. Christ is my strength, a never ending source of help.

God uses people. God uses diets, books, music, to reach us, to help us, to motivate us. You don’t always have to be overweight. You don’t always have to be a smoker. You don’t always even have to be a thief. Pray. Ask God to inspire you.

I’m seeing crazy numbers on this scale. Remember this all started with me at 273. Actually, the doctor told me that last March I was 286.  Today’s number on the scale blew my socks off. This is working. You can beat your Goliath. Do it. I’ll be praying for you.

Weight: 248.0 (Isn’t that freakin’ crazy?I only have 49 pounds to go.)

Never Let Go
November 2, 2013

I’m getting this revelation that God, the Creator of all things, is crazy about me. Really, He is. He’s crazy about you too, but I’m talking me here as it’s my blog.

There is a song called “Never Let Go” by David Crowder, and it’s about God never letting go of us. I realize that as I drift away at times following useless things, that I am never let go by God. He doesn’t let me drift too far. He keeps calling me back. What a peace that gives me. He has me and will never let go.

I’ve learned to turn this journey into that also. I may go days, weeks, even a month without doing my best in exercise and watching what I eat, but I will always be back. I’ll never let go of trying to be healthy.

I don’t know if you go through down periods of either:

a) Being lazy

b) Being too tired

c) Not caring

d) All of the above

But then we come back, don’t we? We need to. We know what to do, so we do it. Do we have to do it? YES, YES, YES! We have to because it’s what we’re called to do. Just like my pursuit of Christ, I HAVE to do it because I need it. It’s what I’m called to do. It’s best for me. We HAVE to eat right and exercise most of the time because we need it. It’s best for us.

Sometimes I’m just a baby. I want things how I want them. My mother-in-law always used to say, “I want what I want when I want it”. And that’s the truth. It’s truth in regards to dieting and it’s true in my walk with Christ. Realizing that I can’t always get what I want is a good thing. It’ll save my life.

Life isn’t always lollipops and rainbows. But it’s good. Because we aim for perfection. Or at least better. We will do this thing called life. And we will do it healthy. Never let go of your dreams. Never let go of your goals, weight wise or in any area of life. God never let’s go. If God is for us, who can be against us?

Weight: 260.2

Wasting Time
September 1, 2012

I feel, as I get older, I spend too much time on silly things. Now I’m not opposed to silly things, but I think there needs to be a balance in my life.

I can watch football 16 hours a day. I love football. I love being entertained. I can play games on the computer, on my I Phone, on any device that has it. Obviously, entertainment is what God has placed here for us to be, well, “entertained”. But where is the balance.

Can I be on Twitter and FaceBook for hours on end? I can, but is it a waste of time? For example, It’s 5 a.m. and I’ve been up since 3. Now I was productive, transferring pictures from my I phone to my computer, but could I have done other things?

What if we knew exactly how many days we had left in our lives. I talked to my nephew Bud and his pastor wants to live a to a certain age. He figured out how many weekends he has left to live to that age. So he got a jar of marbles, and at the end of each weekend, he takes a marble from the jar.

Great idea. Now think about it. Each marble represents two days of your life, and each marble taken from the jar is gone, never to be retrieved again. Pretty humbling, I guess. CS&N have a song called “Wasted On The Way”, and it’s so true. So much time wasted.

Scripture tells us to number our days. That’s a good idea. We are visitors here, passing on to another home when we breathe our last here. What have we accomplished? How have we impacted the world? Has my time been spent on helping people or just entertaining myself with hobbies, vacations, games, and such?

What if judgment day was this……face to face with God, and He shows a movie of your life. On one side of the screen was the world around you, with all its hunger, hopelessness, shame, with people that are lost, cold, hungry, homeless, struggling with marriage or addiction, dying, or hurting. The other side was you, sitting at a bar, or laying on the beach, or reading trashy novels, or listening to music, or working overtime to buy a boat, or sitting in front of your tv or computer for hours. And God says, “man, I could have really used you to help these people.”

Humbling. God, help me to get beyond myself. Help me to look at other people. Like Brandon Heath says, “give me your eyes for just one second”. Help me not to be so lazy. Help me to not seek entertainment above You. From what I’ve read about the crucifixion, it didn’t seem to be very entertaining.