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Wasting Time
September 1, 2012

I feel, as I get older, I spend too much time on silly things. Now I’m not opposed to silly things, but I think there needs to be a balance in my life.

I can watch football 16 hours a day. I love football. I love being entertained. I can play games on the computer, on my I Phone, on any device that has it. Obviously, entertainment is what God has placed here for us to be, well, “entertained”. But where is the balance.

Can I be on Twitter and FaceBook for hours on end? I can, but is it a waste of time? For example, It’s 5 a.m. and I’ve been up since 3. Now I was productive, transferring pictures from my I phone to my computer, but could I have done other things?

What if we knew exactly how many days we had left in our lives. I talked to my nephew Bud and his pastor wants to live a to a certain age. He figured out how many weekends he has left to live to that age. So he got a jar of marbles, and at the end of each weekend, he takes a marble from the jar.

Great idea. Now think about it. Each marble represents two days of your life, and each marble taken from the jar is gone, never to be retrieved again. Pretty humbling, I guess. CS&N have a song called “Wasted On The Way”, and it’s so true. So much time wasted.

Scripture tells us to number our days. That’s a good idea. We are visitors here, passing on to another home when we breathe our last here. What have we accomplished? How have we impacted the world? Has my time been spent on helping people or just entertaining myself with hobbies, vacations, games, and such?

What if judgment day was this……face to face with God, and He shows a movie of your life. On one side of the screen was the world around you, with all its hunger, hopelessness, shame, with people that are lost, cold, hungry, homeless, struggling with marriage or addiction, dying, or hurting. The other side was you, sitting at a bar, or laying on the beach, or reading trashy novels, or listening to music, or working overtime to buy a boat, or sitting in front of your tv or computer for hours. And God says, “man, I could have really used you to help these people.”

Humbling. God, help me to get beyond myself. Help me to look at other people. Like Brandon Heath says, “give me your eyes for just one second”. Help me not to be so lazy. Help me to not seek entertainment above You. From what I’ve read about the crucifixion, it didn’t seem to be very entertaining.